METAL CHALLENGE was founded in Xi’an in Mar., 2005. It’s specialized in the Magnesium metal, Calcium metal and other steel desulfurization and deoxidation, energy saving and consumption reducing, anode anticorrosion, green new environmental protection materials. As well as serving as agent for the consulting business, after-sales service and technical support of well-known domestic and overseas corperations in related industries.
Metal Challenge was set up to sell the SiFe alloy for domestic magnesium production enterprises, Yinguang Group as one of our most important customers, after a long period cooperation, meanwhile in order to better establish a long-term and stable strategic cooperative partnership, Huaxin Steel and Yinguang Group jointly funded the establishment of METAL CHALLENGE. The joint venture company is mainly responsible for the sales and after-sales service of the shareholders' products in the international and domestic markets.


We also have advanced testing equipment to meet every customer’s request for product testing.
We can assure to supply a high good quality and first-class of after-sales service!

  • Pure Magnesium Granules

     Pure Magnesium Granules:Magnesium:99.90%minRegular Size: 0.2-0.8mm; 1-2mmPacking: 1000kgs in a big bag, two bags on a wooden pallet.   &

  • High purity distilled Ca metal

    High purity distilled calcium metal is a reducing agent for the preparation of many high purity metals and rare earth materials

  • Pre-packaged Magnesium Anode

    Pre-packaged magnesium anodeThe sacridicial Mg anode can also be provided after assembling. the bare anode is firstly connected with an electric cable

  • Magnesium alloy sacrificial anode

    Scope of applicationExtruded magnesium anode are mainly used in water boiler, heat exchanger, evaporator, boiler, etc. It has pro-perty o

  • Extruded profiles and plate

    A:Round billet for Extruded Profiles,tubes,rodsB.:Round Billets and Square Billets forged into a variety of forging piecesProduct materia

  • Extruded Anode Rod

    Scope of applicationExtruded magnesium anode are mainly used in water boiler, heat exchanger, evaporator, boiler, etc. It has pro-perty o


    TRONTIUM METALSpecification: Sr≥99%;  Ca

  • MgCa Alloy

    Magnesium Calcium Alloy can be used in special and rare metal smelting, as well as transportation, automobile, astronautics obtains the m

  • Magnesium Desulphurization Reagent

    UseageMagnesium granule and Magnesium powder are two of nonferrous materials which is deareoped fastly to be widely used in modem high te

  • Magnesium Chip

    Useage: Magnesium Chip can be used in chemical industry, pharmaceuticals industry. Size: 0.8-1.6mm,0.9-2mmL: 2-6mm W: 2mm Thickness: 0.5

  • Aluminium-Magnesium Alloy Powder

    Specification :MG: 50+/-2%;AL:50+/-2%SIZE:-80MESH  -150MESHPacking:About 250kgs per iron drum,1000kgs on a pallet.

  • Extruded Calcium wire

    Extruded  Calcium wire  Calcium metal is the ideal deoxidant of producing special steel and alloy. It is mainly used to produce Calcium

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