Magnesium granular Magnesium powder

2017-12-27 16:19:22

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Magnesium Granular/Magnesium Powder

Spec.: Mg: 99.5%min

        Mg: 99.5%min, CaO: 0.4%max, Silicon Oil: 0.1%max

        Mg: 95-98%min, CaO: 5-2%max

Size:  0.2-0.9mm,  0.2-1mm,   0.3-1mm, 1-2mm .

Packing: About 1000-1200KGS in a big bag, two bags stacked on one wooden pallet.

Useage: Magnesium granule and Magnesium powder are two of nonferrous materials which is deareoped fastly to be widely used in modern high technology such as the firing head of missile, spacecraft parts and light bomb. It can be used in desulfurization in steel, metallurgic casting, also is used in spice, single crystal silicon pharmaceutical, etc. It has vast market perspect, with the rapid development of modern industry. It will become more and more important as raw material.