• High purity distilled Ca metal

    2019-12-03 15:27:37

    High purity distilled calcium metal is a reducing agent for the preparation of many high purity metals and rare earth materials

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  • Extruded Calcium wire

    2017-12-27 15:51:50

    Extruded  Calcium wire  Calcium metal is the ideal deoxidant of producing special steel and alloy. It is mainly used to produce Calcium Cored Wire.Purity: Ca: 98.5%Min   a):Diame...

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  • Calcium Lump

    2017-12-27 15:45:03

    Calcium Metal Lump: 50-200mm,50-150mm, irregular shape of lump which can be produced by user’s requirement. Packing:  About 60kg, 100,125kg in the double plastic bag with full of a...

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  • Calcium granules

    2017-12-27 15:30:23

    Ca:98%minSize: 0-2mm,0.2-2mm, 0.04-1.7mm,1-4mm,2-8mm irregular granules. Granularity Distributation: 0-2mm, 0-1mm, we can produce special range as customers required. Packing: About...

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  • Calcium Chip

    2017-12-27 15:26:26

    Size:       L: 30-80mm W: 6-12mm T: 0.7-3.6mm Packing: About 50-80kg in plastic bag with full of argon gas then in steel drum.

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  • CaAl Alloy

    2017-12-27 15:06:51

    Calcium Aluminum Alloy has the metallic luster, the nature in a lively way, its small dust can burn easily in the air. Mainly applies in metal smelting makes the intermediate alloy, ...

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